Advanced Dental Technology in Seattle

Jayne & Kois Dentistry is committed to learning and using the latest, most advanced dental technologies for their treatments, from digital diagnostics to computer-aided reparative services. Drs. Jayne and Kois use these cutting-edge tools to improve the patient’s dental experience, making it as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible, while providing positive, long-term procedural outcomes.

These modern and proven technologies are used to diagnose with accuracy, to create treatment plans tailored to meet the needs of the patient and to guide the dentist as he performs procedures. For this reason, our patients can rest assured that they are receiving the best and most modern treatment dentistry has to offer.

Some of the advanced tools used at Jayne & Kois Dentistry include:

Digital X-Rays
Digital X-Rays SeattleDigital X-rays are the latest in X-ray technology, reducing a patient’s radiation exposure up to 90 percent when compared with traditional dental X-rays. And unlike traditional X-rays, there is no wait time as they develop, since they are available within a few seconds of being taken. These high-quality images can be viewed on-screen by both dentist and patient, and enlarged to reveal things that a film-based X-ray can’t, providing more accurate results that make it easier to diagnose problems in their early stages. Drs. Jayne and Kois use a process called “subtraction radiography” that compares the current digital X-ray with previous ones, allowing the doctors to notice even the smallest of changes that may not be detectable with the naked eye.

Salivary Diagnostics
Salivary diagnostic screening is used in routine exams at Jayne & Kois Dentistry to analyze a patient’s saliva for oral health problems. This gives the doctor the ability to catch oral infections before they can take hold, and predict the risks of future cavities by looking at the acids and bacteria in a patient’s saliva. Using this advanced diagnostic tool, the doctors can also test for the beginnings of periodontal disease before any symptoms have been seen.

Advanced Laser Technology
Advanced Dental TechnologyAt Jayne & Kois Dentistry, we use the latest, most high-tech laser technologies available in dentistry. Lasers are used to detect tooth decay at its earliest stage, and can even detect small lesions and cavities, increasing the chance of protecting and preserving the tooth. To lift and contour gum lines, Drs. Jayne and Kois use a diode laser to minimize discomfort and create beautiful aesthetic results. To shape teeth and veneers, an Erbium Yag™ laser is used for optimum precision and brilliant aesthetic effects. And to whiten teeth in an hour, Drs. Jayne and Kois use the BriteSmile™ laser whitening system.

VELscope® Cancer Screening
The VELscope Vx System is a diagnostic tool used to discover oral abnormalities in the mouth’s soft tissue, which may be a sign of oral cancer. A VELscope screening at Jayne & Kois Dentistry is safe and non-invasive, and uses a hand-held device that focuses blue-spectrum light onto the soft tissue, making it naturally fluoresce. Since healthy mouth tissue will show up in distinctive patterns under this light, the doctors can easily detect disruptions in these patterns (a sign of trauma or disease). The entire exam takes less than five minutes, and is a powerful tool in the fight against oral cancer since it allows the doctors to detect oral cancer early, giving them time to plan an effective treatment.

Air Abrasion Machine
The air abrasion machine is used by Drs. Jayne and Kois as a drill replacement in certain dental procedures. This advanced system allows for a quiet and more comfortable dental experience, particularly for those who have “drill anxiety” when going to the dentist.

Intraoral Camera
An intraoral camera is a small camera device that is inserted into the patient’s mouth during an oral exam, providing on-screen, magnified images that allow both doctor and patient the ability to see problem areas that affect the teeth and gums. Use of the intraoral camera provides an interactive experience for our patients, educating them on their oral health and empowering them to make informed decisions about their treatment options.

If you’d like to learn more about the advanced diagnostic and treatment tools used at Jayne & Kois Dentistry, contact our office today.