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Dental Effects of a Missing Tooth

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry benefits

Modern dentistry has made way for many new and innovative advances, including the use of laser dental technology. At our Seattle dental practice, Drs. Don Jayne and Dean Kois pride themselves on using the latest and most cutting-edge technologies and practices to provide exceptional dental results for our patients. In this blog post, we share some of the benefits our patients can expect with laser dentistry. Continue reading “The Benefits of Laser Dentistry”

Do I Need a Smile Makeover or Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Smile Makeover versus Reconstruction

When your smile is less than perfect, you have a few different treatment options. You can improve the appearance of your teeth with a smile makeover, which is a combination of cosmetic procedures such as bonding or the placement of porcelain veneers; or you can reconstruct or replace teeth with a full mouth reconstruction, which is a combination of reconstructive procedures such as the placement of dental implants or dental crowns. It is not always easy to identify the better solution, but it becomes clearer as you understand the characteristics that necessitate a full mouth reconstruction. Continue reading “Do I Need a Smile Makeover or Full Mouth Reconstruction?”