Smile Gallery – Todd

"My new smile truly changed my life. I had new found confidence that enabled me to get a promotion to office manager."

Seattle Veneers Patient

Case Description

Todd owns and runs a computer company that hosts web sites. Todd had spaces between his front teeth. These spaces had been a concern of his over the years. He had seen multiple orthodontists and dentists. He had never found anyone that could help him. Todd was also very concerned about the dark color of his teeth.

Todd’s spacing problems and tooth color problems were corrected with veneers on the maxillary and mandibular teeth.


At the state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry Seattle / Bellevue offices of Dr. Jayne, patient comfort and satisfaction are the utmost priorities. This treatment approach, combined with Dr. Jayne’s advanced technical skill, allows him to consistently deliver highly rewarding smile makeover results for all of his Seattle porcelain veneers, whitening and dental implants patients.

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