Smile Gallery – Suzanne

"The process was much easier then I had hoped. Dr. Jayne was able to treat my entire mouth in two appointments. I absolutely love my new smile. It makes me feel great. Now my husband wants to get his mouth treated as well. My husband continues to compliment me since the work was completed. Both are true!"

Seattle Veneers Patient

Case Description

Suzanne presented with a broken crown. She had been thinking about several cosmetic concerns prior to this happening. The crown had broken due to extra stress on her front tooth. It was necessary to change her bite to solve this problem. Suzanne elected to treat her mouth comprehensively. It was necessary to treat all but four lower teeth to achieve her esthetic and health goals. We changed the color, alignment and bite of her entire mouth.


At Dr. Jayne’s cosmetic dentistry Bellevue / Seattle offices, patients are offered an extensive range of advanced smile makeover treatments. Some of the procedures Dr. Jayne performs more often include teeth whitening and placement of porcelain veneers and dental implants in Seattle. In addition, he has extensive experience performing advanced combinations of various cosmetic dentistry procedures known as smile makeovers.

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