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"I have always been a confident person. I was surprised at how excited I have been to have the work completed. Dr. Jayne gave me choices, encouraged me to take a comprehensive approach. Now that it is done I love the final results. It was well worth the flights to get a smile that I know is done right, is gorgeous and will last."

Seattle Dental Crowns Patient

Case Description

Phyllis is a leading dental practice management consultant from the Newport Beach area. She came to Seattle to have comprehensive dentistry provided.

Phyllis had short central incisors and long lateral incisors. She also had rotated and disfigured teeth along with an irregular bite plane. She elected to have her gum levels corrected with periodontal plastic surgery. She elected not to have orthodontics and instead had these issues corrected with ceramic restorations.


Over the course of his career, Dr. Jayne has established a reputation as a leading Seattle smile makeover specialist. In order to deliver the best possible results for all patients, he carefully customizes all cosmetic dentistry treatments according to patients’ needs and aesthetic desires. Some of the individuals Dr. Jayne treats more often include tooth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental implants Seattle patients. Please peruse the respective pages to learn more about these procedures and how they can help you realize your aesthetic dreams.

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