Smile Gallery – Joanne

"I have always dreamed of having a beautiful smile, ever since I was a little girl. It is hard to believe it is finally true. It has been quite a process but absolutely worth it. Thank you Dr. Jayne!"

Seattle Veneers Patient

Case Description

Joanne is a restaurant developer/manager. Joanne presented with multiple dental problems that could not solved without a comprehensive approach. She had crowded front teeth, severe tetracycline stain on her front teeth, irregular gum tissue levels with several very short teeth, missing lower first molars and second molars that had tipped over into the first molar spaces.

Joanne received comprehensive orthodontics, periodontic plastic surgery lengthening the visible portion of her teeth, implants replacing her lower missing first molars, tooth whitening to make her teeth whiter and porcelain veneers covering her severely discolored teeth.


As a dedicated Seattle cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jayne takes great pride in creating outstanding smiles that enhance both the appearance and self-confidence of his smile makeover patients. Some of the procedures he performs more often include placement of porcelain veneers and dental implants in Seattle. In addition, he has extensive experience performing advanced techniques of teeth whitening.

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