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"To say that my case ended with a ‘good result’ would certainly be an understatement! I could not be more pleased with my SMILE. Anything worth having requires commitment and effort, and the time and finances involved on my part are insignificant in comparison to the gains. I have undeniably become less self-conscious and more extroverted."

Seattle Veneers Patient

Case Description

A fitness leader of the boomer generation Deborah recently won the U. S. gym performance aerobics person of the year. Deborah is a transcriptionist at a local medical clinic.

Deborah had one of her front teeth damaged as a little girl twirling a baton. She wanted white teeth. Her bite was off. She had some minor crowding of her lower teeth. She also had some irregularity of her bite plane. Deborah felt she needed twenty veneers to achieve her objectives.

We were able solve all of her problems with tooth whitening, tooth recontouring of the lower teeth, and four ceramic restorations on the upper teeth.


Dr. Jayne is proud of his reputation as a leading Seattle cosmetic dentist, the result of numerous highly rewarding procedures and personal referrals from satisfied patients. He offers an extensive range of advanced treatments, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns. In addition, he is regarded as one of the most accomplished Seattle dental implants and smile makeover experts.

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