Restorative, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Seattle, WA

Patients are diverse, and so too are their dental needs. At Jayne & Kois Dentistry, we pride ourselves in providing treatment options that fulfill the needs of each individual patient. Our doctors’ specialized training and experience enables them to provide the most current surgical procedures using the most advanced and proven dental technologies. Known both locally and internationally as leaders in their fields of dentistry, Dr. Don Jayne and Dr. Dean Kois both work under the same philosophy: to provide personalized patient care that leads to long-term, positive results.

About Dr. Jayne and Dr. Kois

Dr. Don Jayne has nearly three decades of experience in cosmetic, general and implant dentistry. Recognized both locally and nationally as a leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jayne has helped numerous patients protect and restore their oral health and improve the appearance of their smiles. And because of the patient-centered care Dr. Jayne provides, which includes educating patients on their diagnosis and treatment options, his patients often refer their friends and family to him, knowing that they will benefit from the same individualized treatment and compassionate care that they received.

Doctors Jayne and Kois were honored with the Top Dentist Award for 2009-2016.
Doctors Jayne and Kois were honored with the Top Dentist Award for 2009-2017.

Dr. Dean Kois is a prosthodontist with specialized training and extensive experience in restorative, aesthetic and implant dentistry. He has received several awards for his specialized skills that involve, among other things, restoring the look and function of teeth through the placement of dental implants.

. Dr. Kois uses his expertise to teach other dental professionals the latest and most advanced techniques used in prosthetic dentistry. He has a reputation for providing long-term dental solutions for each individual patient, ensuring that the outcome of their treatment is as long lasting and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Relax: We’re Here To Help You

For some, the thought of dental visits causes fear and anxiety. Whether because of previous trauma, significant needs, or other reasons, some patients prefer to utilize care options that allow them to relax and even nap through their dental treatment.

Drs. Jayne and Kois understand some patients may feel hesitant about undergoing dental treatment. That is why they have completed hundreds of hours of additional, post-doctoral education and training through the nationally recognized Doctors for Oral Conscious Sedation (DOCS) to provide specialty sedation dentistry services to those who suffer from dental fear and anxiety. Dr. Jayne and Kois are among a select few sedation dentists in the Seattle area who have the extensive training and accreditation necessary to provide sedation services.

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